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    From the Admin (Letter of Apology)


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    From the Admin (Letter of Apology) Empty From the Admin (Letter of Apology)

    Post by [GM]Aphrodite on Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:16 am


    Due to our system failure, we experienced rollbacks of RB, lost of golds, items and even characters. We are terribly sorry for what happened.

    Our server was attacked last August 17, 2009, and the back up files are also been hit. So the admins are currently working with our server and still trying to retrieve all the lost files, but still we can't guarantee that we can retrieve them. Please understand and bear with us for the admins are working on it 24/7. All we ask from you are your considerations and your hope that our server will be stable as soon as possible.

    As promised by the admin, he will give away +20 Reborns to all characters as long as the server is stable. We can't release the +20 RB now for the server is still under observation for 1 week, before we can say that it is stable. But if we still encounter rollbacks or problems, we ask you guyz to have more patience for we will not stop on working on everything just to put things back to normal. Please do cooperate with us.

    Also, 1000ep are added to your accounts as a small incentive from what happened. When the server is stable, promos & events will be held everyday to help you guyz cope up.

    Voting is currently off right now, for we are observing any possible ways where the attackers are hitting us. Also, please do not donate as of the moment, please do so when the server is stable. And for those who donated already and still didn't get their items, kindly wait for the server to be stable. The admin is currently focusing on fixing the server, so please do understand.

    The server is up as of now, but still we are not stable. 1week observation to check before we can say that the server is already stable. If you can't run the game, or your launcher is not working, you have to do the following:

    * Run the errorbugfix manual patch (August11)[Click here to view the HOW TO INSTALL AUG.11 PATCH] every time you will log-in your account.

    * Then use the Black Chinese Character Icon in your Ran Dreams folder as your launcher, and let it autopatch. That should do it.

    * If nothing happens, uninstall RanDreams then Reinstall your Full Client then errorbugfix patch.

    We understand if you guyz are mad, or afraid of losing all the hardworks, expenses that you have spent playing randreams, but still we can't blame everyone for we don't know when someone will attack the server as brutal as this. All we can do is help each other, explain to other players what happened, and avoid complaining for that will not help.

    Thank you and have a nice day ahead.

    In behalf of the Admin, IT Dept, GM's & FM's, we are really sorry.


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    Post by Gaija66 on Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:57 am

    GM Maintinance po Ngaun?
    Kasi Sayang Nanaman Cutting ko Hindi Ako Makalaro System Caused Log in Fail Please Reply...
    Para Malaman ko Sayang Rent ko Sa Shop....

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    From the Admin (Letter of Apology) Empty APOLOGY to GM and admin in RanDreams

    Post by cody30 on Wed Nov 25, 2009 6:57 pm

    Dear GM and admin,

    GM Rui accept our apology.hindi naman namin kasalanan yung bug ep ..kse yung nag season 2 patch na kyo lumaki ep namin 500k.lage kami sinasabi sa mga ka shop wag mag sale ng ep.kse alam namin po na nasira lng yung transfer ep.sana po ma basa ninyo ang amin apology pls po gve us a one chance 2 ryt out mistake pls..ka shop lng kame d2 4 donator an 1 5k donte pls .sana po e balik ninyo na mga bufs at skil namin,loyal namin kame lge sa RD eh..hoping ur kind and consideration.....GOOD LUCK po Sa RanDreams.


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