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    Forum Rules & Regulations Empty Forum Rules & Regulations

    Post by Admin on Fri Aug 07, 2009 5:41 pm

    Forum Rules & Regulations

    1. Use common sense when posting

    2. No spamming allowed anywhere. Spamming is posting off topic replies and double posting. All threads must have a topic. Before posting think "Will anyone want to read this?" and if not, either correct the post or go to a different thread.

    3. No porn.

    4. No flaming allowed. Flaming includes using foul words, insulting or provoking other members.

    5. Posts asking for 3RD party program are not allowed. Moderators will warn the topic starter.

    6. No advertising of other servers.

    7. No multiple thread allowed. Use descriptive title/subject for a new thread and post it on the right forum/category. Do some search before posting a new thread, to avoid thread duplication.

    *If you come across a post or thread that looks like it's in direct violation of any of these rules, please report it (there is a report link next to every post). This is the best way to fight against spammers and troublemakers.

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