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    Dear: All Gm/Admin/FM/Player's


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    Dear: All Gm/Admin/FM/Player's Empty Dear: All Gm/Admin/FM/Player's

    Post by kyut on Mon Aug 17, 2009 5:23 pm

    please read it carefully...

    guys..i know mag disagree kau Gm/Admin... but like wat u said.. fair and server n to
    so this is it...
    all i want is... change ng setting ng "massive haste" (MH) Lightspeed(LS) resurection (RESU)
    gzto ko po sana.. pabilisin yang tatlong skill n yan.. because thats the very important skill
    ng mga character's.. lets say.. about 10sec.. ang cooldown or 5sec...

    and also.. pwd po ba tayo mag lagay ng MADNESS Skill????????????????
    kc po i realized... hindi kaya ng isang player pumatay ng isang player..
    wat i mean is hindi pwd makipag one on one... even two on two....
    kc ang critical damage ng max rb ng change its about 23k or 25k more....
    then and Life or HP ng player n kill nila its 45k... noooo 60k... or more..
    why its 60k.. because... of Gife of life.... hindi po fair un.. dapat every character and player
    r fair.. and pag n reach n nila ang 180 rb they have fair HP fair stat points...
    but hindi fair sa ARMOR and WEAPON.. because "DONATE".....

    and sa madnes skill...
    good reason about madnes skill
    1st: meon +defence
    2nd: fast movement and fast reaction
    wala nmn po aq n kita about sa bad epect ng madness.

    but if we combine THE damage or PUM box's and the fast movement of MADNESS
    the result is. FAIR game.. u can kill u can do everythings u want
    and the best thing is u can make ur own "COMBO SKILL's"
    and event newbie can react too.. cause they can kill a monster easyly
    coz then have a extra defence and fast movement too... then many people
    will buy a pum.. they will not waste their money to buy a MADNES BOX

    if u agree about this.. we can put the madnes skill to extreme skill
    so pag nag extreme ang newbie meon n sila madnes.. and wak nmn po sana
    donate.. coz we want more player in the game and this server will stay

    but if u disaggre... leave a comment.. and why u r disagree..
    at kung meon k alam about madnes.. n ikakasama ng game.. lagay mo n rin

    thnx.. love u guys

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    Dear: All Gm/Admin/FM/Player's Empty Re: Dear: All Gm/Admin/FM/Player's

    Post by dHaN on Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:12 pm

    agree ako na sana may madness.....at sana ung may +defence kasi un ung nid eh..ung madness...para bumilis naman ung pagamit namin ng skills....sana poh matupad poh 2ng nirerequest ni kyut........at para dn sa lahat 2.....

    suggest lng poh yan............

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    Dear: All Gm/Admin/FM/Player's Empty Re: Dear: All Gm/Admin/FM/Player's

    Post by Admin on Tue Aug 18, 2009 6:37 am

    when u are having 50k+ or more hp u cant use pots why so it will be fair to the damage..

    then about the madness skills thats why we put madness time destiny box so u can use it...

    1-32k hp u can use the aspirin
    32-49k u use chocolate
    49k- or more u cant use pots why pots would kill your self

    about the skills we try to fix the cooldown of that skills resu mh ls

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    Dear: All Gm/Admin/FM/Player's Empty Re: Dear: All Gm/Admin/FM/Player's

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