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    [Guide]Official Guild Thread Procedure (Read 1st Before Posting)


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    [Guide]Official Guild Thread Procedure (Read 1st Before Posting) Empty [Guide]Official Guild Thread Procedure (Read 1st Before Posting)

    Post by [GM]Aphrodite on Tue Aug 11, 2009 6:26 pm

    Posting Forum Guild Threads

    Guild Threads are allowed as long as you follow the correct procedures:

    1. Guilds only included in the Official List of RD Guilds are allowed to post their own Official Guild Thread (OGT). In order to be included in the list, kindly reply to Official List of RD Guilds with the following informations.

    Gang Name:
    Guild Leader:
    Guild Level:
    Guild Alliance:
    Logo: [75 x 75 pixels size]
    Unedited Screenshot of Guild Window showing the Guild's information:

    2. Guilds in an alliance can have separated Official Guild Thread as long as they include in the Thread's Subject the guilds they are alliance with.

    3. Guilds should follow the following format for the OGT's Subject:

    NameOfGuild [Official Thread]

    e.g. RanDream [Official Thread]
    *Use the following format if you're in an alliance:
    NameOfGuild [Official Thread][NameOfGuild1,NameOfGuild2]

    e.g. RanDream [Official Thread][Ran,Dream]
    4. Guild's first post should be made by the Guild Leader himself or any of the appointed Assistant Guild Leaders. The following should be posted.

    Gang Name:
    Guild Level:
    Logo:(75x75 pixels)

    (alliance,if any)
    Guild Name:
    Gang Level:

    *The Guild Leader may post hereafter additional informations such as guild rules, guild leaders, guild members etc. as long as the content is not against the forums rules and regulations.

    5. The Guild must complete the requirements within 48hours/2days. Unable to do so will result to locking of the official thread.

    6. Please read the Rules and Regulations before posting to avoid locking of threads.

    Thank You and Happy Gaming RanDreamers.

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