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    [Guide]Levelling Up Empty [Guide]Levelling Up

    Post by [GM]Aphrodite on Sat Aug 08, 2009 12:24 am

    This guide is based on GM Avernus experience, this might not be the best but he assure you that it can help you from first RB up to Max RB.

    Things to "REMEMBER".
    1. Killing 1 mob can give you 1 level-up - always try ko kill mobs 1 by one (not simultaneously but consecutively).
    2. In killing high level mobs, always used massive attack skills first until the mobs HP is low, then kill a 1 mob skill to kill it one by one.
    3. For you to have a high damage and to kill the mobs faster, use all your stats to 1 build only (dex, int or pow). No need to put in Vit yet until you are already near you max reborn. (I'm not in maximum reborn yet, I'm putting all my stats to Int).
    4. Always use Bus card, CRC, Back point, Saint point card.
    5. Active monster will always help you.
    6. No need to party (for low RB, <5RB yes in 1B, it can help you for faster LVLing)
    7. Boost from your friend can help.
    8. Patience will always help you.

    Levelling Up Guide.
    1-32 - You can gain 1 level-up per mob by just killing little holigans and up to lvl 64(not exact) in killing ouslogth.
    33-107 - If this is your 1st RB, you might need to explore the SG hole map to kill 1 mob/lvl up to skating master of TH.
    107-190 -195- Middle hole is the best palce to lvl up quickly, always used massive hitting skills, KS will help you here, (sawsawan muna) especailly if you are <5RB.
    195-205- For 1st RB, you still need to go to Roothole, near the bridge entering Saint B is the best spot. If your are already at 20RB+, go directly to 30F.
    206-275 - You might need to go to 30F first if <30RB then go to 50th floor up to lvl 275. (I suggest 51 or 52th floor, few players are in this area)
    275-300- You might need to go to ROOTHOLE first for low RB then go to MIDDLE HOLE at lvl 290. (KS will also help you here for low RB)

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