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    [Guide]Miscellaneous Items Empty [Guide]Miscellaneous Items

    Post by [GM]Aphrodite on Fri Aug 07, 2009 11:56 pm

    Upgrading Equipment

    There are items that are used to increase the
    attack of weapons and defense of armor. For
    example, the +defense potion can be used to
    increase the DEF of armor. If you see a glove with
    3(+Cool[+4], this means the armor has been upgraded 4
    times for a total of 11 DEF!
    These potions are very expensive. Around 2 million
    at the time of writing with names such of Var Bur.
    Lux Pot, stones, etc. You don't really need these
    when you start out since they are too expensive but
    when you are high leveled you'll want to upgrade
    your equipment.


    Friend Card

    This card will let you teleport instantly to any
    friend on your friend list. This card is usually on
    sale in the market but it's extremely expensive!
    You can also buy this card with e-points a.k.a.
    real money.


    Opening Shops

    You can only open shops if you buy a permit with
    e-points! It is non transferable so you won't find
    them for sale in markets.



    This is used to broadcast your message globally.
    The method of usage is to put a $ in front of your
    message. ATM, the price for 1 megaphone is 40-50k
    and it can only be used once! Max 30 in a stack.



    To add someone to your party, shift + click on the
    person and select party.



    To trade with someone, shift + click on him/her and
    select trade.



    To duel with someone, shift + click on someone and
    select duel. Once you start duel, you cannot heal
    and cannot leave the 'invisible circle' around you
    and your opponent or the duel will end in a draw.
    There is no penalty to losing in a duel; it's just
    for fun and to put your skills to the test.
    PK is when you kill students from other schools
    during free-PK hours outside of the school
    compound. You get 2 Attr points for killing a
    student from another school, but beware that when
    you die, you can drop anything from your inventory
    or equipment.
    Zap can be used to kill students from the same
    school or other students during non-PK hours. You
    have to hold z while you attack. Beware that you
    lose 1 Attr point for each attack inflicted and
    when your Attr goes under a certain amount then you
    suffer certain penalties such as not being able to
    trade with NPCs or opening your locker so think
    before you 'zap' someone!
    If you don't want to be PKed during PK hours, there
    are some strategies you can use.
    -If you duel with someone then you are invincible
    as long as you are in duel mode, so hit your
    opponent once in awhile to remain in duel state!
    -Run, Run, Run!
    -Help defend your school, kill all the PKers...
    -Train in more secluded places and avoid major
    -Use the camp ret card to teleport to safety.



    -You can change your nickname by clicking on altern
    and type in your desired name. Note that the name
    can not have any spaces in between.
    -To make your own guild, talk to student director;
    note that you need a differing amount of life
    points to create guilds of different sizes.


    Quests FAQ

    -There is a major typo in the force field
    activation quest. When they said you have to
    activate the terminal beside study room 2, they
    actually meant the terminal beside students center
    2. The reward for this quest is a LOT of exp, 1
    free skill point, and 10 life points, so don't miss
    this quest!
    -The physics teacher quest is very important as you
    get 5 SPI spheres that can be exchanged for a level
    5 skill book that is usually very hard to come by!
    The physics teacher is located at the end of the
    school's hole. I.e., for mystic peak school, the
    physics teacher is at the end of the MP hole.

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