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    [Guide]Weapon | Armor Elements Empty [Guide]Weapon | Armor Elements

    Post by [GM]Aphrodite on Fri Aug 07, 2009 10:42 pm

    Weapon and armor elements and other properties

    Elec (Electricity): Benumb (4-8s duration) - 130%
    attack delay, 60% movement delay, and bonus damage
    while raining, 30% chance to inflict
    Ice: (3-4s duration) - 40% movement delay, 20% more
    damage, 35% chance to inflict
    Fire: (6-8s duration) - Burn status inflicted, 30%
    chance to inflict

    Wind: Weapon-Increase hit rate.

    All with the bonus effect of Accuracy+5, attack + 2
    to 5(or energy increased depending on the type of


    Elec+, Ice+, Fire+:
    Dex Bow: Dex+4,Attack+3,SP rec+0.30%
    Int Bow: Energy+90, Acuracy+5 SP rec+0.30%


    Chg (Changed):
    Accuracy+5,Attack + 2 to 4(or energy increased
    depending on the type of weapon)

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